NWHA Classes / events

Foam Pillar Make & Take 

June 25th 2022  @ Scare Hollow - FB event page






We will be making foam fence pillars (pink foam). I'll update the needs as we get closer. This will hopefully be a good weather day but we'll have coverage so we'll be fine.


Each person will make 2 pillars like the ones at the website below.  (no pumpkins or chains)



Cost will be $25 and that includes foam & paint.

I'll let you know if you we need to bring tools, but i should have everything you need.


Limited to 10 people. but others can come and watch


More info on the FB event page (if you are a member of the NWHA FB Group)

3 ft Monster Mud Reaper Make & Take 

August 20th 2022  @ Scare Hollow - FB event page

$60  or  $30 

(only because the skeletons are $25 & paint is $75 per 5 gallons)






You will be making a 3ft monster mud reaper.  You will learn how to mix monster mud, how to apply it to the cloth, layering techniques, and posing.  


The skeleton will come with a pvc pipe pre-attached to the spine to the feet for standing purposes.  You can mount these on top of your pillars or in the ground next to tombstones etc.


Your kit will include:
3 ft poseable skelton
Monster mud 1 gallon mixture (you will mix it); 3/4 gallon of joint compound, 1/4 gallon of paint, and empty gallon can.
Pillow case / sheet material


More info on the FB event page (if you are a member of the NWHA FB Group)

if you bring your own skeleton

Reaper Option

NWHA Hangout BBQ 

JULY 9th 2022  @ BattleGround State Park - FB event page

$5 per person, $15 make & take 

($10 discovery pass required unless you have a yearly one, available on site or online)





We will have a get-together at the park.  There is a large kitchen shelter with power, picnic tables and grills.  There is a lake pretty close to the site with a beach and watercraft rentals too.   


It will be a potluck BBQ, and you can sign up for stuff on the FB event page above.  We will have cornhole and a few other games there as well.  We have the space from 10am to dusk.  


Make & Take

Solar Swamp Light - $15   Flicker Flame light

Inlcudes everything to make the lantern on the left, inlcuding paint, moss, creepy cloth and twine


More info on the FB event page (if you are a member of the NWHA FB Group)